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Alys Beach Crafted Event Call For Entries

Alys Beach Crafted returns this fall on October 25-28 for another year of beautiful celebration! Alys Beach Crafted celebrates the collaboration of talents, pooled from throughout the Southeast, - a refined collection of craft beverages, culinary experiences, artistry, and workmanship. It is a weekend-long gathering of food & drink masters and renowned craftspeople from around the region sharing the process, the inspiration, and the product of their craft at the separate events such as the Makers Market, a variety of cocktail seminars, the Spirited Soirée and Firkin Fête.

Our hope is that the Alys Beach Crafted Makers Market will offer talented creators of various genres a powerful platform for sharing their works and their stories with a discerning, receptive audience who appreciates beautiful workmanship, high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and custom, bespoke designs enriched by the experience of being welcomed into the creative story.

We are actively seeking submissions from artisans whose craft holds special appeal for a luxury audience, and whose process holds refinement and richness of story and source.

Rules for entry and participation information are detailed below in the Makers Market artisan submission form.

Submissions will be accepted through August 15th, 2023. Ten artisans will be selected to participate - notifications of selection will be sent by August 30, 2023. Apply HERE.

Alys Beach Crafted is pleased to announce that all proceeds will benefit a local non-profit focused on supporting the arts through leadership, advocacy, funding, programs and education, the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County.


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