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30A Songwriters Festival Update

Due to the overwhelming increase in COVID-19 cases this month, and the announcement from health experts that this increase will continue through the first quarter of 2021, we have reluctantly decided to postpone an in-person January 2021 Festival. All of us at the CAA and RCAM are as disappointed as you that we cannot celebrate music in person and support the mission of the Cultural Arts Alliance as we have done for twelve straight years over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

We're planning a unique streaming concert event for January 2021 along with a coffee table photography book commemorating the first twelve years of the 30A Songwriters Festivals. More details on these exciting releases coming soon!

We look forward to making an announcement about a rescheduled Festival once it becomes clear when it will be safe for everyone to participate in and enjoy the full event on 30A.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support during these trying times. Be safe, and enjoy the Christmas and holiday season with your families!

Very best regards this December,

Russell Carter and Jennifer Steele


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