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Roost and Puddle

Anthony Heinz May

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Roost and PuddleAnthony Heinz May
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The sculptural concept uses up-cycled dead/dying tree waste from log material salvaged from Parks and Recreation services and (or) as located through public/civic stewardship. Through an offsite process of physical pixelation, the artist prepares wood disks of material taken from logs that are then cut into cubes and drilled to be installed on site using armatures of steel rebar embedded in the natural trunk base for the cubes to appear dissolving off its natural growth pattern. Sculpture materials have no negative ecological impact on the environment they are installed in, and become extensions of nature and natural cycles found there.

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About the artist

Anthony Heinz May is a sculptor from Brooklyn, NY who alters the state of living things and natural compositions with trees. Originally from Oregan, he now has public exhibits of his work throughout the country including a sculpture for the 2022 installation of the Underwater Museum of Art (UMA). Fibonacci Conchousness joins the nation’s first permanent underwater sculpture garden bringing the total number of deployed works to 34. Once they reach their new home 60 feet below on the floor of the Gulf, these sculptures become part of an artificial reef system providing habitat for over 80 species of marine life. The UMA is located off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park less than a mile from the shore.

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