Stacy Martin

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on photography, fusing the influence of theory and art history to create contemporary works of art focused on the individual and social identities of women in art, female empowerment, and the human condition.

My analog photography reflects a complex and multivalent visual narrative using multiple exposures within the camera. Apart from myself as a human representation, I use a considerable amount of automatism in the process. I create overlapping exposures as a process artist without any conscious thought on the end result. The images are unknown until development. I give little to no information concerning the title of these works to afford the viewer the opportunity for the same internal reflection on the meaning.

The processes of my digital works are an inverted juxtaposition to film. I am deeply intentional about creating contemporary, visual representations of women who are historically, religiously, and literarily significant to myself personally and to society at large. The women I chose to represent have been vital to the insurrection of social and cultural barriers of their time, or have become iconic tropes to the stigmatic personification of women. The relation to these women’s history and the models I select are also significant. I choose women in my life who have been influential in their determination and strength. In these works, I seek to reclaim female agency and tell narratives of empowerment.