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Kayla Gearhart

Kayla Gearhart is a Panama city based artist who specializes in nature scenes and animals. Originally from Indiana, she relocated to Florida in 2020 after marrying a local business owner, who encouraged her to pursue her artistic dreams. Together they travel across the country an internationally searching for the most beautiful scenery to paint, and collecting National Park souvenirs. Kayla enjoys searching got the commonly underrated aspects of nature and strives to capture the qualities that make them special to her. Painting in acrylic, watercolor, and gouache; she matches her medium to the subject in order to maintain its natural textures while expressing her own style and perspective. Most pieces are finished either in her studio, with her cat in her lap- or in plein air, in nature's light. Ultimately, she hopes her artwork will encourage others to appreciate and care for the beauty found all around the planet we live on.

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