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Katlyn Dorriety

As a woman, I find it hard to be seen or heard. Creating helps me express myself, find beauty in our flaws, emphasis topics that I and many women struggle with daily, and empower ourselves. My works adjust the viewers’ attention to subject matter (mental health stigmas, women’s rights, body empowerment) they may not feel is important or have no idea how much these so called “little inconveniences” are actually major issues. Nude figures are an important element in my work, they are intimate, nature, raw, powerful, open, and taboo to some. The artworks are bold, intimate, and outside the norms. People will talk, whether it be a positive conclusion or a negative statement. They see it, they think, and they are a part of the work itself.

I’ve experimented with different surfaces and have taken art off the canvas and onto casual attire, creating wearable art. People are now the canvas, a moving artwork for all to see. This fashion is advocating for women’s rights and the arts. Like graffiti, we can bring culture and issues to the people who may not see it in a gallery.

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