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John Murdough

Artist John Murdough, also known as Clause Monet, has been clawing his way out of the boxes which have been used to try to confine and define him as well as his artistic creativity. He was trained in fine art as well as visual effects and motion graphics by renowned professors and industry professionals at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Through a variety of mediums and styles, he has been able to reach and touch various audiences from all walks of life. The collegiate experience launched him into the non-profit, broadcast, and corporate worlds where he had the ability to create graphical assets and produce innovative marketing strategies for the American Cancer Society, NBC, and CenturyLink through the use of emerging media.

Now, his desire has been to elevate the artistic experience by allowing his audience to engage with his artwork and to provide a new level of entertainment. His artwork has been captivating his audiences not only because of the intriguing nature of the designs but due to his ability to provide a multi-layered approach to appreciate his artwork by utilizing different skill sets.

The majority of his artwork utilizes dual-tones to create a stereoscopic effect (3D Artwork), and most recently, he has been working on an Inspirational Series which utilizes Augmented Reality which has allowed the artist the capability to not only provide the audience with an amazing static design but having them be mesmerized and amazed by the image coming to life right in front of their eyes. This process has provided a breakthrough for the artist to deliver a moving experience for the masses.

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