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Gwyne Gray

When I was 5, my mother asked if I wanted to take dance lessons and I said NO because I wanted to be an artist. I drew a lot as a child. That turned into crafts and then a love for my grandmother’s wall of photos and all of the photo albums. I had a camera at 10 years old just because I liked to document things, not necessarily to create art. When I had children, the photography took on a whole new meaning. I didn’t want to forget a single detail.

I’m still drawn to photographs on any wall. I’m still drawn to photo albums, no matter who the people are inside. I see immense value in photographs of families. The human connection. Life is short. Times pass quickly. Memories fade. For me, photographs are the strongest memory. When someone passes…we look for a photograph of that person. We cling to that. We don’t want to forget. This belief has turned into a 20 year business of creating tangible memories for families. It is my passion to capture the human connection.

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