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Ginger Laughlin

I've always been an artist to the core. In my life, though I've had many careers and hobbies, I kept coming back to ART! It has been my joy and this is where I find my "happy place". Every day I evolve and discover more techniques and use of color. When people ask me how long it took me to create a painting, I answer all my life! All my life experiences and education have brought me to the place I am in my art! It's years of experience that have brought me to where I am.

I love painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums. I can't get enough of creating something with bright, vibrant, joyful colors! Layering color is one of my favorite techniques that bring about a rich, complex painting that upon close inspection, the beauty underneath shines through. Art is like wine. It's very subjective. I like many styles of painting but have been influenced by Monet's impressionist style and the Old Masters' like Johannes Vermeer and Thomas Baker's use of luminosity in their paintings.

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