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Betsy Weaver

As the daughter to an interior designer and decorator, I spent hours with my Mom watching her create and review cozy and gorgeous homes for her clients.

I always loved design and would paint my designs on her directors chairs back in the 80s and her clients bought them up!

I went on to work in the golf industry and then became an RN. Our daughter, Kristy, has incredible artistic and design talent as well. Always one hand in design for myself and friends but really focusing on my career and family.

Enter 2020. We are “stuck” here at the beach, and I needed to be busy and creative. Painted a few paintings, posted on social media, and off they went! One year later, I’m still nursing at the bedside in sports medicine surgery and also loving my BetsyPaints business. I work with acrylics, water, canvas and paper. My husband frames my custom stained vintage frames.  

My habitat is surf shack, outdoor settings and living in nature’s wild colors and hues. Coastal seascapes, organic gardens and beach architecture.  

I love working closely with my clients, incorporating their vision and design of their space to bring in new art and a coastal cottage feel.

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