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William Humphrey

So this started out as just a poem, but grew into a piece of change. A clash between winter and spring, night and day, life and death. This also is a lesson in owning mistakes and trying new things. Never tried color pencils, made a lot of mistakes, and turned out beautiful. Don’t know why, but it did. In a weird way this is very representative of my journey. I started in a very dark place, moved into a beautiful state of chaos and made it look good at the end. This piece is a lot like life, started with a plan then it got a little crazy and out of control. A bit of a note on the mushrooms and flowers at the bottom...the flower is a Belladonna Atropa (Nightshade), and the mushroom is a highly toxic specimen. Both are toxic, but both with the right knowledge can be used as medicine. This poem is my first Haiku.

Little Mistakes

Leaves no more
The tree laid bare
Welcome Spring

- William Humphrey

Little Mistakes
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