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Con-Scious Expressions: An Insider's Perspective

When the project was announced to the men, they were asked to submit title ideas for the exhibition. Over 30 titles were submitted, and the one selected was by Michael George who states, “I chose this title because I truly believe that our prisons house many talented men and women. However, most of the media coverage of prisons and prisoners will never show that. Many of us are just broken individuals who made a poor choice in a moment of weakness. Our art creations are conscious expressions of our joy, pain, despair, and hope. The exhibit will hopefully give those who see it a glimpse of our humanity as well as an appreciation of our creativity.”

“Con-scious Expressions: An Insider's Perspective” is what the CAA hopes will be the first of many exhibitions featuring work by incarcerated men and women in Walton County and the state of Florida. The CAA believes it is the inherent right of all human beings to have broad access to arts experiences. To support a full creative life for all, the CAA is committed to championing policies and practices that empower a just, inclusive, equitable community and nation.

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