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Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

"I started at 25 years old. I strived so hard for my family
realizing that I was in a Realationship for about 4 and a half years
it was a lot of up hill and downhill but then I realised that no matter how
hard I was trying to show them all that I loved them they did not understand
at all only my father heard me out in he was married but my father and
mother were miserable I was always happy no matter what any body
did or said to me I did not let it affect me but my mother and father got a
divorce I told my dad that love you will know when you see it because it
will be your soul mate and soul mate love for life and not for a little while
and they don’t ever argue or fight or disagree on things we are one not two
and we both love and honor God and I met this wonderful woman when I was
29 and 3 quarters I’ve been with her everywhere she’s my right hand mate for life
I will allow be happily married to this day and she has 8 adults and 19 grandchildren
and God blessed the 19th one to be born in March 2020 it was born early and put
in an incubator it was two months and some days early it has made it and that
a sign from God that if it can make it we can make us loyal and faithful people
for the Lord and his children two fully be beautiful"

P.S. now I’m 37

Artist Unknown
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