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Friend of Mine

Andrew Hamilton Reiss

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Friend of MineAndrew Hamilton Reiss
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Friend of Mine is a contemporary composition of a stylized Monarch Butterfly feeding on the milkweed flower. This elegant composition is defined through a distinct line gesture made of formed steel rod. The sophisticated sculpture provides many interesting vantages of the surrounding landscape. The gesture and composition invite the viewer to interact with the art and experience it in-the-round.

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About the artist

Originally from the East Coast, artisan Andrew Hamilton Reiss works primarily in metal and wood, using salvaged materials exclusively and bringing a crazy wisdom in sculptural beauty to the world that bridges form and function. Andy has a background in landscape design, bilingual studies, business and education. His love of the natural world and eye for unbridled form brought him to begin creating sculpture and artisan furniture, a true artist evolving out of a practical life in the trades.

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