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Patti Overholt


Originally trained as a portrait artist in St. Petersburg, Florida, I began to paint en Plein Air when I fell in love with North Florida after moving to Pensacola to finish my Art degree at the University of West Florida. I'm an Impressionist Painter with a Wabi Sabi aesthetic so I enjoy doing series such as my "Women With Attitude" (inspired by my friends and female relatives) and "The Beauty of Imperfection".

Having taught Art from Middle School to College levels since 1971, I am currently giving private lessons in Studio de Relaxo, my studio and classroom in Choctaw Beach, FL., where I live on the bay with my husband, Garry, a cat and 2 dogs.

My sincere hope is that something in my work will connect you to the joy of art, and living that is within you.

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