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Gisselle Barnhart


My interest in glass began with a serendipitous stop at Dave’s Glass Haus, where soon after I began apprenticing with our own local master glass artisan, Dave Hillgenberg. From then on, every visit to the area included lessons in learning old world stained and leaded glass techniques and myriad other processes. It was not long after, I ventured into the warm glass world, attending workshops with world renowned fused glass artists. I began experimenting with new generation warm glass and mosaics, creating unique molds to be used in the kiln firing process and giving my glass art creations a new dimension. I use multiple kiln firings to integrate the layers of fusible stained glass with focus on coastal scenes, sea life, butterflies, flower gardens and bouquets in order to create art that can be enjoyed indoors and out. Similar to life, with each firing there is something to be learned, and for me there is a magical feeling every time I open the lid to the kiln to see what surprise I have in store. Seacrest is now our home, and the beauty of the beach and topography keeps me endlessly inspired to bring life to any space.

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