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Skip Deems

Skip is a ceramic artist who works out of his studio in Miramar Beach, Fl. Miramar Beach is located in the beautiful Northwest Florida Panhandle. Prior to relocation in Miramar Beach, Skip worked out of the Chastain Arts Center and City Gallery located in Atlanta.

Skip has studied under some of the most respected and influential potters in the United States. He regularly attends workshops at many of the renowned art schools in the country. Skip likes to experiment with various glazing and firing techniques such as crystalline, salt, wood, raku and multiple glaze layering. He produces both functional and non functional pottery.

Much of Skip’s work is donated to local charity auctions and exhibited in a few select galleries. Due to Skip’s strong feelings about the “Mentality of Clay” he regularly gives talks about the benefits of the wheel for individuals suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety.

In order to share the benefits of the ceramic arts with the Florida Panhandle, Skip has established several ceramic teaching studios and will continue to look for opportunities to bring this healing art to others.

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