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Kim Eifrid

A late talker in grade school was once intrigued by the speech therapist’s use of origami. Thus begins the insight of how some view the world in words and Kim sees the world in shape and mass. Eventually this curious “vision” became oversized sculpted sand figures on beach vacations. It wasn’t long before he realized that sculpting clay and later, limestone can fulfill that creative edge in between beach holidays. Kim sought one-on-one instruction from sculptors in Atlanta and later Boston, the Callanwalde Arts Center, Atlanta College of Art, and Massachusetts Art School. He has shown his work in several past group shows in Atlanta and a few open studio shows in Boston. His work has been awarded in juried shows and collected by many from California to Boston and even in Liverpool, England.

His work can best be described as evolving from a representational form to a sensual and figurative abstract. Inspirations come from the master sculptors like Brancusi, Picasso, Matisse, and his favorite, Henry Moore. As he retires from his day job as a designer, Kim seeks to reignite and share the passion of creative expression in the sculpted form.

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