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Kaitlyn LaMulle

I first realized I needed to be an artist when I was a sophomore at college studying Graphic Design. I’ve been creating since I was able to hold a marker. I took a painting class and was very happy with how my work came out without having any knowledge of painting at all. The more I practiced and experimented, the more confident I became in myself and my abilities.  It wasn’t until that painting class that I finally found my happy place. Since then, I’ve been working on developing my style and improving my skills.

My mood is very much affected by my physical surroundings, and my paintings keep me uplifted and motivated. Acrylic paint is my favorite medium, but I love experimenting with anything I can find around me. I curate collections of designs by focusing on a central theme and choosing a few color palettes around that theme. I then deeply explore the relationships between those colors and create compelling paintings on different media.

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