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Corey Landry

At the age of 14, I crossed paths with a photojournalist from my regional newspaper, igniting a passion that would shape my life. Early mornings found me in the darkroom before school, eagerly absorbing every aspect of the craft. By the same year's end, I found myself thrust into the world of photo assignments for a paper boasting a circulation of 30,000 – all at the tender age of 14. In the ensuing years, my commitment to both journalism and another passion led me to a 30-year career with the fire department. Concurrently, I nurtured my photography skills, establishing my own business capturing the essence of weddings, reunions, and various events. As life evolved and family responsibilities burgeoned, I reluctantly parted with much of my equipment. The demand for my services persisted, but the allure of saying "yes" to every request waned with time. Upon retirement from the fire department, I found myself searching for fulfillment. Rekindling my love for photography, I resurrected my equipment and business, specializing in portraiture and events. Yet, deep down, I knew this wasn't my true calling. Now residing in Florida's Panhandle, I've unearthed solace in the pursuit of solitary artistry. Immersed in the serene landscapes, I discover moments of transcendence amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. My joy lies in uncovering and immortalizing these fleeting moments, offering a glimpse into the world as I see it. Today, I embrace photography not as a commercial endeavor, but as a manifestation of my innermost self – a testament to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us all.

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