The Foster Gallery

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Artist Application - Fall Rotation

The Foster Gallery
A Cultural Arts Alliance member artist co-op at The Market Shops

current artist statement:

3 current examples of your work as an artist:

Slides, photographs,(.jpg format at 300 resolution), OR videos of three performances, OR copies of several pages or a chapter of three literary works.

current artist bio:

Check all that apply:

I am a current member of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County

I have included Three (3) digital images of my work, Artist statement, Artist bio & High Resolution Headshot (min 300 dpi jpeg)

I am available to install & train on August 28, 2016 from 11:30 am – 5 pm and available to de-install on November 20, 2016 from 9 – 11 am

I will be available to work a minimum of seven (7) 8-hour shifts at the gallery and available to the best of my ability for special events.

All of my artwork will be original and for sale. I understand that I will receive 60% of any sale of my work, and the CAA will retain 40%

If my artwork sells, I have replacement pieces which I agree to install within 48 hours of sale.

Please note that larger files will take some time to upload once you press submit...Please wait