CAA Member Artists Selected As Plein Air Ambassadors

Santa Rosa Beach artists and Cultural Arts Alliance members Joan Vienot and Theresa Grillo Laird recently received the prestigious honor of being awarded two of the four slots in the state as Ambassadors for the Forgotten Coast en Plein Air, America’s Great Paint-Out in Apalachicola May 3-12, 2019. Vienot was also selected as an Artist-In-Residence.

Plein air characterizes the activity of painting outdoors in open air, capturing scenes with natural lighting. Artistic excellence and the production of investment quality art is the trademark of this 10-day festival. The event will focus on the natural environment as the area communities recover from the impact of Hurricane Michael.

“I am happy to have been selected a second time. I also served as an Ambassador in 2016, so I know it to be a big job, some of the hardest work but also some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. It involves mentoring artists new to plein air, one-to-one, in two hour sessions, 3 sessions a day with a different artist each session, working with 15 artists over 5 days,” said Vienot.

As part of her Artist-in-Residence program, Vienot will be housed in Cape San Blas for a week and will observe, learn, and paint scenes relating to the event theme focusing on the natural environment as it recovers from the effects of the recent hurricane. Vienot will also be looking at mitigation efforts including the installation of living shorelines, planting sea oats, and restoration of longleaf pine forests. She will also be taking a walking tour of St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge, and attending two workshops at the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve. She will give a presentation and exhibit her residency paintings at the Paint-Out in May.