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The Milkweed King

Mark Metz

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The Milkweed KingMark Metz
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The Milkweed King is a playful representation of the Monarch Butterfly during the caterpillar phase of its lifecycle. Designed to bring a smile or chuckle to all who encounter it, this larger-than-life friendly caterpillar is built in such a way to create an irresistible 'Instagram-ready' photo opportunity as his tail will function as his lap at just the right size and position for a child to sit on. With sunglasses for the Florida sun, he'll bring levity to his environment while being reasonably accurate to his nature.

Constructed from sturdy and durable forged iron, stainless steel, and copper, this rotund and huggable resident of the park is human-scale, standing between four and five feet tall, nestled between large leaves of Asclepius, aka the common milkweed.

The inspiration for The Milkweed King comes from a neighbor of mine who propagates milkweed and shares the seeds and seedlings with people all over the country. While Monarchs in flight are marvelous and spectacular, without the milkweed that feeds the caterpillars, there would be no butterflies at all.

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About the artist

Mark Metz is a metalworker with over 30 years of experience. He teaches welding, sculpture and metal fabrication at The Crucible, an industrial arts school in Oakland, California where he is also the Welding Department Head. He’s a long-time vinyl record guy and DJ who likes to write and publish a weekly newsletter.

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