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The Grandchildren Return

Grace Cathey

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The Grandchildren ReturnGrace Cathey
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This piece of art represents the life stages and metamorphosis all living things go through. The natural surroundings of Walton County sustain the monarchs and strengthen them for their journey. In turn, they share the secrets of this special place with future generations and the “grandchildren” return. In the same way the monarch is able to survive and thrive in the warm climate and on the indigenous flora of Northwest Florida, so too are the people of the area able to flourish through the education, inspiration, and beauty the arts provide. The grandchildren of future generations, like the monarchs, will have their lives enriched and strengthened.

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About the artist

Grace Cathey graduated from Haywood Community College's Fiber Arts program. She later completed a continuing education welding course that led her life's work, Metal Art. She is a perfect example of a craftsperson that has embodied the art and the business of selling her craft.

Grace chose the unique location of her gallery, inside her husband's 80 year old service station, which is now closed, when she turned the waiting room into an art gallery. Because of this, media often come calling, including Home and Garden TV, Rand McNally Atlas (Editor's Pick) and most recently, Our State magazine. Her work has been shown numerous places including the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and United States Botanical Garden in Washington, DC. Her Four Season's Apple Tree was chosen for Hendersonville, NC Public Art and the NC Arboretum has many of her pieces in their permanent collection.

When asked to design an ornament for the White House Christmas tree, she represented North Carolina with our state dog, a Plott Hound and made of metal! She gives back to our community in so many ways - through the giving of her time and art to local fundraisers, and providing leadership to the Waynesville Galley Association and Haywood County Arts Council as she grows her business and mentors and inspires other artists. Grace has been a member of Southern Highlands Craft Guild since 1985 in fiber and now is a member in metal.

Grace has gained a national reputation by her drive and desire to grow and be challenged as an artist and she achieves her goals through hard work and the spirit of entrepreneurship. As stated in the April issue of Our State… she is "a whirlwind of a woman."

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