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Robert Kerr


I discovered painting several years ago while participating in an “activity” at a resort in Arizona. From the beginning, I loved the process of composition and the influences of color and value. My first inspirational artist was Erin Hanson who uses intense colors to create her Western landscapes. My favorite artists are the surrealists, impressionists and post-impressionists.

I tend to enjoy using a variety of colors in my works. Seldom do I have more than a vague notion of what the final product will be. Having spent forty years practicing dentistry, details and discipline, although important for an artist, are not at the top of my list in deciding what to paint and how to paint it. More often than not my works evolve through intuition.

Having recently moved to Miramar Beach, I have been inspired by the ever-present beauty of the area along with the peaceful and relaxed vibe, which has opened a new dimension of my art. I enjoy creating both representational and abstract works, most of which are intuited by the sights and sounds encountered daily.

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