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Pam Singh


Pam Singh is a Visual Artist, Designer, Muralist and Educator based in Destin, Florida, USA. For the past few years, she been self-representing her art and sharing her work with a community of thousands of Art loving souls from around the world through various galleries, art exhibits, art festivals and art pop-up shows.

In her artworks, she loves to explore themes of freedom, self-fulfillment and authenticity. Her goal has always been to convey the vivacity within us and bring out the fun, liveliness, warmth and brightness to the world and inspire others to celebrate their lives.

The style of her painting, her techniques and use of colors are skillfully experimented by her time and again. Pam uses mixed media as her medium and her art comes to life with combining acrylics, oils, genuine mother of pearl, gold leaf, spray paint, glitter, markers, crayons and pastels.

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