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Neda Raeisian


Neda Raeisian was born and raised in Iran and came to the United States at eighteen. Early on, she demonstrated an aptitude for science and medicine. After attending college at the University of South Florida at Tampa with a BS in biology, she went on to study dentistry at Tufts in Boston.

With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, Neda’s life took a surprising turn when her successful dental career came to an abrupt halt. The lull gave her pause for reflection and opened her heart to discover her new hidden talent and passion: art.

“It’s hard to describe how my life and goals have changed so suddenly. All I can say is that I was magnetically drawn to the canvas. It’s energizing,” Neda observes.

Although she has always approached life in a hands-on fashion, the artist never realized how that trait would someday translate into creating a world of color and imagination using “fluid art.” Her mixture of acrylic paints produces dazzlingly colorful abstracts (with an emphasis on blue tones).

Neda’s penchant for creativity is etched in her DNA. Two of her maternal aunts are well-respected artists in Iran, and her young son, Daryon, demonstrates what educators describe as “artistic genius.”

The artist’s objective is to render visually pleasing forms and colors and ignite feelings of joy and wonderment in the aesthetic viewer. Feast your eyes on her use of different palettes and combinations; delve into a world of abstraction; let your mind wander, and most of all, be inspired!

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