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Mindy McClendon


Using complex color palettes, transparent layers of shapes, and a comfortable abundance of negative space, Mindy creates abstract mental landscapes on canvas.

“I think of them as individual thoughts. If a thought had a physical form, I wonder what it would look like, what characteristics it would have. My thoughts are fluid and ever-changing, but they’re often deeply rooted to memories or constructs set in place decades ago. Feelings and emotions don’t require words, but on what level would our thoughts exist if there was no language to describe them? What makes up a thought before the words are there to express it?”

Mindy is an artist living and painting in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She moved to the area in 2005 after earning a Bachelor of Fine Art from Middle Tennessee State University. Using her skills as a graphic designer, Mindy freelanced for local businesses until 2019 when she decided to pursue painting as a career. Since this decision, her work has been displayed at the Emerald Coast Theater Company and included in three seasonal rotations at the Foster Gallery in Miramar Beach, Florida. A painting from her Collection of Thoughts series was awarded “People’s Choice” at the 2021 CAA Members’ Juried Show.

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