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Mary Redmann


An artist her entire life, Mary Redmann remembers immortalizing her surroundings on canvas from the age of three. She finds inspiration for her abstract waterscapes and marbled creations from her travels, people, colors themselves, and mostly, nature. “I’ve always felt close to nature, and it’s one of the main things that I look forward to when I travel back to my native Sweden every summer”.

After taking a hiatus from visual arts for a few years due to new priorities: three energetic blessings; finishing up a degree in business management; moving between Sweden, England, the U.S., and Japan; as well as many other changes, Mary picked up painting on a daily basis again about six years ago, after one of her closest friends introduced her to a process known as Vedic Art.

This was a critical point in her evolution as an artist, where Mary transitioned from focusing mainly on creating a premeditated image to allowing herself to simply paint whatever came up in the moment, thereby learning to enjoy the journey of expression as much as the finished result.

It was around this same time that Mary’s artistic style evolved from figurative to semi-abstract, a result of desiring a more unrestricted way of creating. Most of Mary’s pieces consist of numerous layers of resin and ink applied in a fluid, intuitive way, creating a multi-dimensional experience for the viewer.

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