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Kim Cleveland


Kim Cleveland of Studio K, is a self-taught artist and metalsmith based in Walton County, Florida. With a professional beginning in the graphic arts industry more than 20 years ago, she’s enjoyed ventures in photography and layout design prior to exploring the disciplines of fluid acrylics and metalsmithing. While working with these mediums and processes, she discovered a passion for art and color like never before and in 2020, Studio K came to fruition. An Alabama native, enthralled with nature, she often finds herself lost in the mystery of dynamic colors found in creation. Butterfly wings, dragonfly eyes, leaves, shells, vivid sky scapes and shimmering coastal waters are a few of the many components found in the diverse nature of Walton County, from which she draws inspiration. Whether by the specialized pigments used to create custom paint colors or organic materials and distinctive methods used to color and form metal, glimpses of the beauty inspired by her surroundings can be found in Kim’s artistry.

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