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Kathy Schumacher


Kathy Schumacher is an oil painter based in Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast.  She is nationally recognized for her distinctive palette knife style.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, as a military wife, Schumacher worked and traveled around the world.  After raising her two children, she discovered an innate talent and heartfelt passion for oil painting. Her mid-life discovery evolved into a career: she was bound to be a professional artist.

Schumacher is primarily a self-taught artist citing an instinctive flair for painting. Initially, her art career began in traditional oil painting, but eventually she developed her own style using palette knives. Her novel approach is recognizable in any subject she chooses to paint: vibrant colors, energetic strokes, and multidimensional attributes resulting in a dynamic final product.
Schumacher derives her inspiration from her natural surroundings: coastal landscapes, plants, florals, and even people and animals.

Her original works have been exhibited at several galleries and fine art shows. She has a devoted following and collector base throughout the country. Most recently, Schumacher and her daughter, who is also an artist, had their first mother-daughter art exhibition hosted by Ferrari of San Diego. 

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