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Karen Williams


My work is a constantly evolving journey for me. I started more representational and have gradually gone through a continuum of painting styles. I am constantly training, experimenting and continuing to refine my work. Although most of my paintings tend to take on a life of their own. I feel alive and connected when I paint, and I can express feelings that my words just can’t explain.

I find inspiration to paint all around me. Growing up living on the water near bays, creeks and marshes gave me a love and appreciation for painting scenes with water. I love the ripples, the reflections, the bouncing light, and the surrounding trees. Trees are also near and dear to my heart. We lost most all our trees in 2018 when Hurricane Michael destroyed our town. This loss has affected more than I could ever imagine. I find myself painting with imaginary visions of trees surrounded by water or water surrounded by trees. I think this helps me recover from the loss we suffered, and to truly appreciate nature and our environment. It has been said, “Artists can find inspiration in things others pass by a thousand times.”

I have learned it is just best to focus on the journey and the process of each painting and not the destination or the final outcome. In this way, I am honoring my creative spirit, my sense of curiosity and my need to explore and discover. I have learned to let go of my need to control, to be in charge. I can take risks, be vulnerable, mess up, cover up or paint over what’s not working. I strive to make paintings that are striking from a distance and rich with details and texture when viewed up close.

I hope my viewers find moments of calmness and some energy, familiarity they can relate to, as well as joy and appreciation, and in the end make a connection with my art. Original art can be a timeless, special and meaningful piece to add to any home. It’s a one-of-a-kind treasure. Art has a way of transforming a house into a home, or a business into a warm friendly place. Art has the ability to express our emotions and feelings in a way that words simply can’t.

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