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Doug Foltz


I find great joy in seeking new places - both literal and figurative... finding something new about the world, and more importantly, the relationship I share with it. Painting has long been a way for me to indulge that exploration, and my work inevitably ends up being less about the way a place looks than the way it makes me feel.

For almost 50 of my 68 years, I have lived as a painter, drawer, photographer, architect, designer, explorer, learner and teacher. Any self connection I've achieved has surfaced most naturally for me in time spent with both the expanse and the intimacy of the natural world - particularly the coastal world I have been lucky enough to know since birth. In those spaces, between water, sky and land, I’m able to connect with the critical elements that make up my work... balancing the known and the unknown - of both the place and myself in it. I can be at once, small and large, warm and cold, dark and light... both powerful and unimportant... and it is those feelings that have driven my skyscapes and landscapes for years.

I'm fortunate to have work hanging in private and corporate collections from Seattle to the Bahamas and northern Europe. I currently work from studios in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - where I live happily with my wife Alecia and Airedale Stella – and in regular sessions on the southeast Georgia and Central Maine coasts. I hold a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University.

Since the mid 90's I have participated in multiple solo and group shows across the eastern US and had work published regularly in American Art Collector, Coastal Living, Southern Accents, Décor and Traditional Home magazines, and The Best of American Oil Artists.

I’m currently represented by Huff Harrington Fine Art in Atlanta Georgia, by Gardner Colby Galleries in Naples, Florida, and by Fusion and Art30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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