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Chulynda Castellanos


Chulynda Castellanos (Sophie) is a self-taught intuitive artist based out of Panama City, Florida. Her mixed media artwork showcases vibrant and colorful scenes that often include sea life, geometric shapes, and ethereal aesthetics, inspired by her love for the sea. She has spent her whole life near the ocean, and even served in the Navy for 8 years. She found that the ocean has been the one thing consistent when challenges arise in her life, noting “the ocean is healing, just like art”.

Chulynda has used the practice of creation using found objects from the sea the last ten years as a healing modality to process trauma and everyday emotions. In 2020, after the passing of her grandmother, Chulynda decided to focus on painting as a creative expression, and has spent very few days without a paint brush in her hand since then.

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