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Pam Singh


Pam Singh is an Indian-American mixed media Artist, Designer and Muralist based in Charlotte, NC, USA.

She is self-educated in the field of fine arts and her style of painting is self-experimented; She loves to use a combination acrylics, oils, gold leaf, spray paints and other mix media for her paintings.

As a child, Pam grew up seeing and being inspired by her uncle who is a commercial artist and felt drawn to art and creating beautiful things at the early age of 5.

She was most attracted to painting humans and animals. Her passion grew as she got older and the majority of her paintings now represent the beauty of the nature, wildlife, human emotions and feelings.

Last two years she has been representing her work throughout the country, some of Pam’s recent achievements are:

Featured Artist at the Town Hall of Matthews, North Carolina, Nov 2021 – Dec 2021

Featured Artist in Biscuit, Digital Magazine by Charlotte Is Creative, North Carolina, Oct 2021

Featured Artist and Solo Exhibit at The Artisans Palate Gallery, North Carolina, Oct 2021

Featured Artist at Duo Show at McDowell Art Center and Gallery, North Carolina, April 2022

Featured Artist at The Foster Gallery, Miramar Beach, Florida, May 2022

Art Residency Awardee at Lakkos Art Residency, Crete Island, Greece, Sept 2022

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