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Marlene East


When creating glass art, I'm in a happy place! Whether it is cutting intricate pieces of fusible sheet glass, layering glass powders, grinding and polishing edges, sand-blasting, or hand forming molds, I'm in a zone of pure contentment.

I feel lucky to have discovered an art form that resonates in my soul. There's no other feeling like opening the kiln after firing a detailed art piece to nearly 1500 degrees, having waited 24-36 hours to finally glimpse how the glass layers took on new depth, dimension, and form. It's a take my breath away experience! It was such an honor to be entrusted with creating Transformation, the permanent hanging installation composed of 240 pieces of kiln-fired glass, for the stairwell of the Panama City Center for the Arts.

While being a licensed counselor for many years and often using art therapy to help clients heal from trauma and tragedy, I also spent much time honing my craft as a glass artist. Although I have degrees in psychology and instructional technology, glass is my passion and I’m happy to be at a place in life to truly focus on developing my style and techniques. I'm mesmerized by glass in its many forms and embrace the challenge of learning the myriad of ways to create art from glass.

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