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Kristine Senft


Originally from the Chicago area, I have moved many times in my corporate career – living in and visiting many extraordinary places in my life. These places have had an impact on me and stay in my memories – ranging from a quiet walk in a dense forest in southern Germany to the same quiet walk on the white sugar sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, to experiencing the grandeur and opulence of Vienna to the
incredible colors of light in New York City, Shanghai and Tokyo to the heat and amazing taste of southern Louisiana, among others.

Although living life in a busy corporate sales setting, I always have found time to be creative. Some of my best memories were making stained glass windows and lamps with my father, who was very creative himself. I then found passion in different types of mediums – using repurposed glass and epoxy in my work, negative painting techniques, acrylics and mediums and collage. I am self-taught and have thoroughly enjoyed the self-exploratory road I continue to travel down. Now that I am retired, I am excited to reveal more about myself in this journey.

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