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Capri Boyle Jones


Capri Boyle Jones is a national award winning fiber artist producing one-of-a-kind hand hooked rugs, home décor and distinctive fashion accessories. Each piece incorporates hand dyed wool, occasionally other fibers resulting in beautiful exclusive art for a wide variety of enduring functions. The fibers are her paint and the hook is her paintbrush.

Capri has been refining her art professionally through teaching, designing, dyeing, creating, and restoring rugs for over twenty-nine years. As a national teacher, lecturer and exhibitor she thrives on opportunities to share her experience and love of fiber artistry. Capri’s artwork is inspired by her faith in God, the people in her life and the beauty surrounding all of us. Her work inspires holistic approaches to life. Integrating these themes and imprints into her artwork develop sensitivity and acuity in each piece of work.

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