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Barbara Suhadolnik


Barbara Suhadolnik grew up in East Tennessee. From an early age she was interested in art but did not pursue that interest until college. At the University of Tennessee, she majored in Elementary Education with minors in Art Education and Art History. Throughout her career as an Educator, Barbara dabbled with various artistic endeavors, such as stained glass, acrylic painting and ceramics, but didn’t stay with any for very long. After retirement that changed. On a trip to the Destin, FL area in 2015, Barbara and friends took a class in glass shard art from Mary Hong’s studio in Grayton Beach. After that first class, Barbara took several additional classes where she learned to finish her shard art with epoxy resin.

Along the way, Barbara became interested in acrylic paint pouring finished with epoxy resin. She studied the process on the internet and found that some artists were carrying paint pouring to the next level by tinting the resin itself four pouring. She was hooked and started creating tinted epoxy resin pours on canvas. It was easy to transfer that process to embellish functional items such as charcuterie boards, trays and coasters using a food safe resin.

Barbara says she is having more fun than she has had at any time in her life. She loves what she is doing and is amazed others seem to like what she creates too. She named her hobby Embellished by Barbara Suhadolnik.

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