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Joan Vienot's One-Day Workshop: Successfully Starting a Plein Air Painting
This workshop focuses on practicing identifiable shape-making in plein air painting, to help the artist create effective, readable shapes to greatly increase the likelihood of producing a strong painting. If the shapes are clear and the composition is strong, then the real fun of plein air painting, capturing the light, can happen sooner. Using oil paint, Joan will demonstrate concepts, composition, and color-mixing to paint the simplified scene en plein air, and then the artists will have opportunity to paint on their own with Joan mentoring. Pastel and watercolor artists are welcome as well.


View the supply list here. Note: please do not buy new supplies if you have similar.

Fee, discounted for CAA members: $40. Non-CAA members: $60.

Register online here.

Questions? Call 850-622-5970 or email

Joan Vienot Plein Air Painting Workshop

Event Date: November 10th, 2017

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