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Kimberly Mathews

From my earliest years I have been drawn to beauty and the creative process. After attending art school, I pursued multiple mediums and diverse outlets for that creative energy, but it was not until I picked up a watercolor brush that something resonated within me. I am a self taught watercolor artist and my current series of florals are a study in detail and vibrancy. I have always delighted in the beauty of a flower and for a time worked as a florist, but to watch the blooms wither in a vase was disheartening. So now, I attempt to capture their glorious moment in time, and preserve it. I use living flowers and my own photography to study individual blooms from every perspective until I isolate that which I wish to commemorate. By using a limited color palette and applying numerous layers, I strive to create the vivid color and the awe-inspiring moment in which a bloom unfolds its grandeur. All of my paintings are created using the highest quality, archival materials. They are framed under museum glass with the intended purpose that their beauty will outlive the viewer.

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