Sherri Springer

I have always loved art, music, and nature (especially the beach). I painted my first landscapes a few years ago, but painting developed into so much more while spending time with our mom who had end stage cancer. I found that while painting, my mind went to a calmer state…which I believe was a spiritual occurrence preparing me for the time when our mom would be leaving us in the earthly sense.

It was a special thing Mom and I shared together, as she was a very talented oil artist. She was so happy about me discovering this art outlet and offered her guidance. It became a passion of mine, and clearly a real purpose in my life going forward.

What do I paint?? My favorite is creating colorful abstracts! I am also inspired by coastal things and nature. However, I enjoy painting a variety of subjects. This is probably a reflection of who I am. Passionate, whimsical, fun, free spirit and then can also be detailed, serious, and very focused.

My hope is to bring insight, light, warmth and joy to people through my art, as well as my story.  Passion. Purpose. Painting.