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Rachel Herring

Spawned in 2010, Herring Design Co. was initially started for the creation of small print pieces, like invitations and stationery. Knowing she wanted to have a creative career, Rachel Herring took the leap of faith in 2012, leaving an office job to pursue Herring Design Co. full time.
Rachel has been designing and creating for as long as she can remember. When she was little, she was never without a crayon or marker in her hand. Continuing through school, Rachel took all the art classes she could and created t-shirts and set designs for dances in high school. Knowing she wanted to major in a design field, Rachel graduated with a degree in Interior Design and another in Business Administration from Auburn University. While in school, she learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite, and it ignited a desire to do graphic design.

Rachel moved to Birmingham for an internship and remained there after graduation. Still having a major interest in graphic design, she started Herring Design Co. to design custom invitations for people. The business grew by word of mouth, and so did the products she offered. 

Rachel has always loved working with her hands, so after a kitchen renovation, she had leftover wood that she knew couldn't go to waste. Her first string art creations were made from these pieces. Shortly after, she grew her tool collection, and set her mind to having a career as an artist. Business grew quickly after sharing these pieces, and in addition to art shows, she got her artwork into stores in the area. 

After seven years in Birmingham, AL, Rachel moved to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The surroundings at the beach have influenced the subject matter of her artwork from the beautiful blues and greens from the Emerald Coast waters to the spectacular sunsets. 

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