Patrick Connolly

I grew up with a very heavy “POP Art” influence from my parents. This became my first interest in art and design. “POP Art” made this very easy to immerse myself into art because of the use of primary colors. I was accepted as a young grade schooler into Joseph C. Fitzpatrick’s legendary “Tam O’Shanter” art classes the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. This built a foundation that I carry with me today.

My interest in art continued throughout my life and through my three degrees in Architecture, Graphic Design and Advertising. I have designed buildings and spaces, produced commercials and television shows, designing everything from logos to websites and the last 20 plus years as a full-time faculty member in a very large graphic design program.

For me, photography is a combination of all my areas of study. I am able to implement all of my design foundation concepts, alignment, repetition, movement, balance, emphasis, color, etc, when I capture my images. “Less is more” and the subject matter along 30a and Seaside, Florida is the perfect place to capture such magnificent imagery.