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Natalie Maxted

Natalie Maxted is a British/Finnish artist. Having lived in several countries—Colombia, Norway, Malaysia, Finland, Scotland, Italy, France and England—she has recently moved to the USA. She has an undergraduate degree from The University of St Andrews and a M.A. from The University of Warwick in The History and Business of Art and Collecting. After working within the London art world at the auction house Christie’s and at various London art businesses, Natalie decided to work as a full-time visual artist. She focuses on acrylic portrait painting in the digital age. Today, images are edited, over-processed with high saturation, blasted with extreme contrasts or filters. But these images still often contain the raw human expression reflecting a particular mood, moment, or emotion unique to that moment. Natalie’s art mimics today’s image processing culture, but instead of using digital tools to accentuate every pixel, she uses traditional hand painting to strip away distracting details, letting the subject’s emotion define the aesthetic.

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