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Linda Kaye Moriarty

I am a late bloomer to the art world realizing at age 70 that I have talent. Working with acrylic is enjoyable as it is flexible and versatile. Since it is fast drying, it fits my changing moods and ideas for my art. I am an intuitive person therefore much of my work reflects feelings, sensations in nature and surroundings. I would refer to myself as an inspirational painter. I have studied under several current as well as historical artists gaining a broad base of expertise and techniques for incorporating into each piece. Originally, I am from a small town South of Rochester, N.Y. I am married and have raised 3 succesful boys and one girl. My husband and I moved to the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana 12 years ago for his work. Since then, we have relocated to the Panhandle of Florida in 2018. I display and sell my art in 3 Galleries along the Gulf Coast, and have won People's Choice Awards for my painting over the years.

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