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Kirsten Koza Reed

Hope, love, faith, and goodness are recurrent themes in my works. The bulk tends to be perfectly imperfect. Many of my pieces are created with a palette knife adding organic layers of interest, the look of peeling paint and evocative texture. I try to feel through my pieces as I paint them, creating an emotive scene or snapshot that stirs a soul. Oftentimes, I write prayers for the world on my first layer – sending my peace out into homes and businesses. Whether it’s through an abstract angel, a lone barn, or a cheerful bouquet of flowers, I love to capture hope and beauty in our often dark and broken world. Many of my pieces are purposefully upbeat and encouraging, as I believe in coloring world by spreading joy and hope – as those emotions have rescued me. I invite you to join me in my art adventure by exploring and capturing some of the magical kaleidoscope we get to call “life.”

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