Jenny Guerra

I started working with mosaics of skull and skeleton covered with epoxy resin about ten years ago. I was dining in a Mexican restaurant abroad and saw a backsplash showing a skeleton playing guitar at the desert, all made out of mosaic. My brain exploded full of ideas of skeletons doing funny things that I wanted to translate into mosaics. That was the day I fell in love with mosaics!

I started to work on a self-taught basis. In 2015, I went to Chicago and took some courses at The Chicago Mosaic School. Each of my pieces is unique, a celebration of colors and multicultural influences. My favorite part of creating is to see the smile on people when they see my art.

Few years later, after I started getting in to skeleton mosaics, my first customer asked me to make a mosaic of her little chihuahua, I was nervous, my first non only bones mosaic. Everybody liked it and then more customized orders started coming.   

Pottery is another expression of art, I always wanted to explore. Hand building technique is my favorite and now, I have the opportunity to present a little collection in my website.